Sunday, October 9, 2011

a couple pictures and some randomness

The above picture is of both girls sleeping in my bed. The were passed out cold this morning. I ran them pretty hard yesterday. I took them to the park and let them run and run. Then we went and had a little fire over at our friends house last night. They ran like the wind over there too. So they slept good.

okay let me explain this picture.. I didn't sleep well because of this and made both girls come get in my bed just because i had a weird eerie yucky feeling last night. So here is what happened.. yesterday afternoon I was looking at the swing and i had this weird thought that it ws going to fall down. I even remember looking at that particular chain. I remember thinking jeezz that could hurt a kid, and thinking i'm not sitting in it and i wonder how bad it would be on the baby if i fell in that thing. Can you guess who fell in it? There was nothing wrong with the swing. No reason i should of been alarmed but let me tell you it freaked me out when it did fall and it was the side i had thought about. how do you guys feel about people carrying weird spirits around? Okay I'm not exactly saying possessed but let me explain this. There is a little girl who lives next door and I'm not sure what is wrong with her but she straight gives me the creeps. My mom has met her and doesn't feel at ease when she is around either. She snuck in our house the other day too. Long story but yes she was hiding under a coffee table and no one had let her in. When she comes over, after she leves lilly is always in a horrible mood no matter how happy she was before she came. It's just little weird things about this kid. Is that horrible for me to say? Well i thought i was probably being horrible so i decided to let the kids play together yesterday. Guess who was over when i was having those weird thoughts about the swing? yep this strange kid. So anyway that is why i had weird eerie feelings last night. It doesn't help that my husband is still gone but he will be home on thrusday. Thank goodness. I called mom and we both just prayed for a little while on the phone, then i put on a christian channel cuddled up with both girls and i slept well.

this picture is of rocky our dog on the bottom and dauby a big boxer on top. WE decided that rocky needed to meet a dog his own size cause he tries to play with my mom's little dog and it just doesn't work. So these two dogs met and i was a little worried but it ended up in piles of slobber and they stood up and "boxed" each other like boxers do. ( rocky is part boxer) But they never growled or really even barked at each other. So rocky has a friend now.

These are the pretty flowers my hubby sent to me at work for our anniversary. ARen't they pretty. I wasn't sure if I had shared them or not. Okay that's enough for now.

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