Sunday, May 23, 2010

looking at houses

We have already been looking into houses. We thought we would stick around the same price but it looks like we may end up spending more on a house. There are two neighborhoods that we have fell in love with so far. They both cost alot to live there.. imagine that. The first listing is a house in val vista lakes. Val vista is a gorgeous community that has a bunch of lakes around it so you cna imagine that in arizona lake front property is a rare thing.. lol hence the price tag. It is an awesome community though with fun stuff going on like " dancing under the stars" and a big halloween howl party and i guess they put out ts of lights and do a boat parade of lights for christmas. it has a sandy beach that is for members of the community. nice nice.

The second listing is one in Agritopia. This community has a farm around it so it has a organic store you can go get fresh stuff at and a farm grill that people come from all around to eat at(when we drove by sure enough it was packed with people out the door) and it has putting greens a school that kids can walk to it's own little church. The whole community looks like wisteria lane off of desperate housewives show. I mean every yard is beautiful with tons of flowers their are people riding thier bikes everywhere and there is an award winning dog park right next to it. we drove by the dog park and there were about 100 dogs palying frisbi and jumping into the lake that is there just for the dogs. It was crazy not to mention there were tennis and basketball places and also a good size playground on every corner. The flowers were jsut amazing! they even had a rock climbing wall for kids to play on. I just loved the idea of being able to walk the kids to school and stuff at least when they are little.

Now we could get cheaper houses in both of these neighboorhoods but we are thinking that we may just want to bite the bullet and buy a more expensive house. I don't know what prices for houses are like in your guys areas but tell me.. i'd love to hear.. is over 200k too much to pay for a house and community? our last house was 140 when we bought it. so we are talking about almost a 100k more in the one area. However, we did fine then and our apartment rent is 1000 a month right our home payment would only be around 1200. oh and we pay 100 for a storage unit right now so really its only like another 100 bucks and we would have a wonderful home that we may never want to leave! i was instantly in love with the agritopia place however i like the house better in the val vista lake area.. what are your guys thoughts? i would really love to know. lets vote.. haha. number one or number two.. the first one is val vista second is agritopia.. we of course aren't set on either this is just what we have been looking at since we got here. Both places make me feel totally at ease with nice street where i can see our kidos playing with friends without having to freak out too much about riff raff and cars.



Meg said...

My vote is #1! Jen said that the farm surrounding Agritopia (love the marketing in the name) is probably a dairy farm which unfortunately means smelly at times. But being a farm girl myself it has never really bothered me. Just something to think about. Val Vista sounds like there are so many fun things to do that not only are you in a nice neighborhood but it seems like it would be easier to meet new people and really get to know your neighbors. Keep in mind that is not always a good thing as we have found out with my situation!!! LOL. Oh yeah and a Lake in AZ can you really beat that?!

Anonymous said...

I like the second one, but both are really nice. One thing no matter what house you get, if it has a pool (and I would highly suggest having a pool :)) make sure it has a fence around it. It is mandatory, yet so many people don't put them up. Every year so many kids drown because of a lack of fence or lack of lock on the fence.

thekeyes said...

yeah we have been looking at some other cheaper ones and there are alot that don't have fences around their pools we would totally have to put a fence up but that's no biggie.. and meg.. it's not a dairy farm lol. it's got like corn and stuff.

Shelley said...

I like house #1. Nice big bedrooms and the double sinks. The fence around house one makes it look richer. I would go with #1