Thursday, May 13, 2010

allan made it home!

My hubby flew back in to casper around 4 pm yesterday. It was so good to see him after a month. I do not want to go that long again. We went straight from the airport to our raltors office to sign our part of the title and stuff so we are really just waiting on their side to close everything. Of course our inspections are friday so we are also wanting those to come back good. We have too much to do today. Allan is exhausted though and wants to sleep in.. I want to get started. We have to go thru his tools at storage, sand and paint in lillys room cause I made a mess taking things off the wall in there, we have practice for my pinning tonight at 4, pack pack and pack as much as we can too. Lilly was happy to see her dad she ran and gave him a big hug. She likes when he plays with her but she doesn't like him holding her just yet. She instantlytries to get back in my arms or looks very nervous and then cries. But she loves it when he tickles her and she was okay with him doing bathtime and she ran to give him a kiss goodnight so its not so bad. Anyway I'm going to go wake up the sleepy heads!

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The Thorsrud Family said...

YEA! Put that last piece of the puzzle together. Congrats to you guys!!!