Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arizona finally..

Iknow i said i wasn't going to write any posts for a week but i figure i better just write any chance i get cause if i wait it may just never happen at all. lol.. like it's not going to be busy around here ever.. haha yeah right. We did make it to arizona and i love our apartment. Its by far the nicest one i have ever lived in and i lived in perfectly fine ones in san diego. Now i loved my little beach apartment with the ocean breeze coming thru the windows when i lived in imperial beach but this apartment is big.. has tons of room and storage. Lilly is doing wonderful too. we put some things in her room and made up her bed with "bunny" sheets that were new. She realy has a thing for bunnies right now. So she was so happy she turned off the light (which is low enough for her to reach it, it never was in her room ) and then she climbed right into bed and asked for her pony movie on her dvd.. she is loving my little ponies too.
We haven't unloaded hardly a thing but we have some friends that are going to stop by and help tomorrow hopefully. It was sooo hot. still is really it's 1030 and its still over 80 degrees out. We ate at in and out and then did a walmart run because all of allan's milk and stuff was bad now. So tomorrow is going to be a big unload and unpack day. wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

hahaha welcome to AZ! Just wait till the end of July begining of August when it is still triple digits at like midnight! Seriously though it is worth the 3 months of crappy hot weather for the awesome weather we get the rest of the year. Emma is wanting to go swimming so we will have to try and get her up soon :) Glad you guys made it ok!

thekeyes said...

Lilly wants to see emma a lot. She keeps saying" emma". We may have john and his girls over for bbq next weekend so that would be great to get her then.

Meg said...

So glad you are liking it so far! Try and stay cool! Miss you lots!