Sunday, May 9, 2010

sorry it's been busy..

We sold our house! yep it is such a blessing to have that over with. We have to have the inspections done soon. They have till the 17th to tell us if something is wrong. So just over a week. Our closing date is forever away but the sellers are ready to move in and we are ready to move out so i know that it will get done before the actual closing date. Both sides are going to push that issue. YEAH! So i have my finals tomorrow. The girls are coming to study tonight. Its our last study session ever. Thank you jesus! well maybe not forever but for awhile. I have a list about a mile long of odds and ends i have to get done. disconnecting all the stuff ofr our house, paying taxes at courthouse, getting fingerprinted for nursing liscense and blah blah blah that doesn't even start with the list i have to do for graduation. practice sessions and hair apt.. So yes it's mothers day and i have enjoyed time with just lilly today. She put her little arms around me and gave me a "big" hug and then a kiss.. i said i love you and she said " i love you too mama!" so it totally made my mothers day worth every second! I came home and did dishes, cleaned the suburban out, seperated clothes for what was going to storage what was tossed and what was going with me to apartment, now i'm doing more laundry... sheww... Anyway happy mothers day to all you mom's out there!
I"m very excited about going to arizona. I"m ready to be there, i'm ready to kick butt on my NCLEX and get and RN behind my last name, and then conquer the job world. A bunch of my firends have found jobs here so i'm sure it will be fine. I think it will be about finding the right one! Well i hope anyway. I'm excited about seeing emma sometime soon after i get settled in there, and letting her and lilly play. It may not be before emma's birthday though. We don't get there till the 20th or so and we have tons of packing and storage runs to do. Emma's birthday is the 3rd and i think that emma's mom is thinking about doing something on the 6th in phoenix?? is that right jenn? Well anyway we will have to figure it out, and get a birthday present for that girl. I"m thinking a bike for our place? she seems to like the bike alot?? i don't know.

Oh yeah and we had a yardsale yesterday. My face is so sunburned but i made quite a bit of money on everything that i didn't want to take with me so it was good. I think mom and holly and meghan even made some money so it was a success!
Anyway off to finish cleaning and getting ready! see ya

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!
The count down is on for the move!! Yaay!

I left you something on my blog :)