Wednesday, May 26, 2010

first day alone>> not so bad

i feel like i got alot done today. we took mom to the airport.. boy did her plans go to poop though. she made it to denver okay but then there was tornado alerts and her plane kept getting delayed till it was cancelled and i guess her and other casper people decided to just drive back.. i have no idea who's car they were in or if they rented one. Anyway after that lilly and i came home and did some laundry and applied for some jobs. i got an email back from one job that said they had filled their position but needed someone for prn work( that's as needed) it usually pays alot more but of course doesn't have benefits which is fine cause allan has benefits. it is in a pain clinic which i think would be cool. After that we checked out a mall and lilly found the carousel which she adored she also saw a dancing cow from chickfila. my girl who is scared of anything that moves ran right up to the cow and gave him a hug.. i think a disneyland trip is in order soon.. lol. we also checked out one daycare and called a few others. i think i have found one. they seemed very nice and very organized and the prices weren't the worst i had heard all day and it's pretty close so we may try a two day a week thing soon so i have time to go look for jobs and what not. allan had an okay day at work but they told him he was going to night shift for pretty much the whole summer to get all trained up then he would go to a 4 on 4 off rotating which will be fine but that put a damper on summer plans of any kind. boo.. We did a walmart run and got some yummy steaks and had them all ready to go when allan got off tonight. we made steaks and corn on the cob by the pool tonight. lilly had lots of fun just being outside but the water was too cold to get in even though its the perfect temp outside.. like 70's right now. i'm on the porch writing this. i'm hoping all my casper girls get blogs. meg did.. so hopefully christine, holly, shelly.. you all better soon. i want to keep in touch and this is a wonderful way to do it! i'm off to bed soon cause we are going to the zoo with anna and her 4 year old zane tomorrow morning to see the animals get fed early then to a water park. i guess they have a season pass or something. should be fun. i'm enjoying the time off but i got to get cdracking on studying again.. the more i don't the more i don't want to..

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