Tuesday, May 25, 2010

happy happy joy joy!

Im not sure why i'm so happy tonight but i really am. We have still been looking at houses and we are going to take a break for a couple weeks and wait till we have money in hand i think. Good news is our house closes on tuesday as long as our apprasial comes back above our asking price which i think it will just fine. So tuesday it will close! That was super fast huh? i mean it wasn't suppose to close for another month. Today lilly and i went swimming in the pool here. She learned how to jump in to me. She must have jumped 100 times.. seriously! my arms were giving out. She only wanted to jump to me too. haha she jumped a couple times to allan but i was her number one target. I can't wait to get her and emma together they are going to have so much fun i think. Plus our apartment is much more ready for emma now that everything is in th right spot or close to the right spot and there are toys in the room. i need to take some pictures i know.. i know.. i just haven't gotten the camera out. i downloaded some from graduation and that is as far as it got. sorry. Allan goes back to work tomorrow and mom goes back to casper tomorrow. So lilly and I will have our first alone day. I"m going to try and look at some daycares and find her a really good one i like. I see alot in churches so maybe i'll look into some of those. We will see. Anyway since mom leaves tomorrow i'm going to go seee if she is packed and hang out with her for a while. Tomorrow starts job hunting and daycare.. sheww..

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