Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Okay so I'm about done with the emotional roller coaster i have been on today. I'm off to bed after i write this. Well i had my ATI predictor test today. As i mentioned before this is the test that tells us how we would do if we went to take our national licensing exam today. WELL>>> i got a 98% chance to pass my very first time! I was 8 points above the national average! This test had everything on it. Stuff we learned two years ago. So i was please to see my results cause man some of that stuff looked foreign to me. HAHA!
When i came in from taking that 3 hour test my brain was mush and all of a sudden there was a realtor at my door saying he was sorry he thought our hosue wasn't occupied. The people were there to see it right behind him. I didn't want to miss a showing oppurtunity so i decided to tell him to wait 10 minutes and i would get out. So i wrapped lilly up and headed out. They stayed in here about 10 minutes while i drove around the block. The girl in the couple looking was really familiar and i figured out that she works in the bookstore at the college. So anway i came home after they left and about 30 minutes later the realtor called me and apologized again but said they were very interested and would like to come right back and show it to their parents. So lilly was not wanting to move off the couch and the realtor said don't worry we can look thru with you all right there. So we stayed and watched them look our house over. Tehy were here for about 30 minutes with the parents. SOOOOOOOO we got and offer tonight!
IT was a little low so we are going to counter offer in the morning. Looks like we will still make some money on this house which i think is a blessing with the housing market the way it is. Plus we can get it done in the nick of time before we move! So I'm praying they will accept the counter offer which i think is very reasonable.

Okay so last story before bed. I went to bingo tonight with my freind holly and while we were there we had the chance to be real nurses. Someone yelled " someone call 911" and so here holly and i ran. We got to the problem and found out that it was a younger guy who fell to the ground having a seizure in the bathroom. He was stillhvaing the siezure when we entered the mens bathroom. Holly cradled his hed and when he was awake we asked some brief history from his girlfriend that had ran in there too. When the paramedics arrived he was able to get to his feet and i made holly go tell them everything they needed to know cause she was the first one that got there. There are a number of things they like to know.. like his posturing can tell you what kind of seizure he was having, if he was incontinent, how long it lasted, etc.. they were very suprised to get such a great report. lol.. poor guy. I felt bad for him but felt pretty good about our nursing skillls, I'm sure it had to help that our last test was over siezures. haha.. good timing huh?

okay so thank you everyone who kept us in your prayers. please do so tomorrow while we are counter offering!


Anonymous said...

Aren't you missing some details in the seizure story? We might be able to relax finally if this house sells baby.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Praise God! We will continue to keep you guys in prayer, that this all goes through swiftly and without any bumps. So, what part of the seizure story are you not telling? HA! I can just imagine, mens bathroom.... HUMM! I am finally on the mend, that was one nasty virus. Have a good weekend. Allan will be home before you know it! Kiss Lilly for us. Love, Grammy Sandy

Anonymous said...

First Yaaaaay!!! about the house and the test!
Crazy about the seizure at bingo. That is why I could never be a nurse...I don't handle intense situations at all. I freeze LOL