Sunday, March 11, 2012

picture post of baby shower!

lilly and emma opened their gifts from the VA.
me opening presents.
autumn playing the dirty diaper game. lol.. i think this one was a melted kit kat maybe?kids out in the back yard playing in the sun. the food was so pretty. We had neat punch too that had rubber duckies floating in it. roses from mom to olivia and a diaper cake that serrah made.the cake made by serraha pretty center piece also made by serrah. another diaper cake in the form of a motorcycle that serrah made. all of her stuff was so cute.
the gatheringSome of the peeps at the kitchecn table waiting to eat.
jenn and autumn. i was sad that i didn't get more of autumns belly in the picture too. she is due at the same time as me.
lizzie and her sister. ( they made the cutest little tutu's for olivia)and last but not least... a pregnant picture of me. These may be the only ones you see so soak it in. lol. I swore off cameras till now and I wasn't thrilled about this one picture but hey you need at least one right..


Jenn said...

I like your blog design! I had fun at your shower. Thank you for having me. Before you know it, Olivia is going to be here!

Nicolle said...

You look GREAT! You definitely have to have those pregnancy pictures for memories sake. Your shower looks so nice. I love the diaper cake in the form of a motorcycle. Your real cake is adorable! Hope you are feeling well.