Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday fun day...

So it's Sunday and so not a fun day. It's like 80 degrees out today. Perfect weather outside. Gorgeous! And I'm stuck inside working. Work isn't really bAd. It's quite boring actually. I hardly ever have relaxing work days so I should be enjoying it but it's so pretty outside and I think because nothing much is happening it is making it feel like its dragging by today. Tomorrow I have to go to the doctors for an apt about gestational diabetes. Im guessing they are going to tell me to start taking my blood sugars Ns recording what I et Nd the sugars a few times. Day. So I already strte today. I was at 99 this am about an hour and a half after I ate a bag of chips and drank a coke. Lol then I had lunch I had a subway 6 inch an a can of sprite and took my sugar an hour after that and it was 119. Your sugar peaks about an hour after a meal. So mine peaked to 119. I don't happen to think that is the end of the world myself but I guess I'm use to seeing diabetics with sugars in the 300 and 400s . I'm writing this on my iPhone that corrects the words automatically so if some of them dont make sense that's why! After the doctor tomorrow I'm suppose to meet. Work friend who has a ton of baby stuff in storage that she wants to I've me. I think it's stuff like bouncers and swings And things we don't have anymore so that should be fun. After that I have to go run and pick up our tax paperwork after everything we have to file by paper this year. It's a long story but I'll be able to get them in the mail hopefully tomorrow afternoon finally. I'll post about what the doctor says tomorrow. In the meantime I'm gonna try to find something to do for the feat of my shift.

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