Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update on baby and other stuff.

So today was off work and so i decided to get all the crud i was dreading over with. I'm sure we all have those days when you know your going to have to suck it up and do alot of running around and just do all the stuff you were dreading. So today I picked up my mom and poor thing had to do some running with me. My car had to go to volkswagon the other day which i think i wrote about that and taxes.. maybe maybe not i can't remember. Anyway the car went there the day before allan left and was done on monday but i worked tuesday and today i decided to go get it..( hence i needed mom to come with to drive it home).But before we got there i had to go sign papers at the tax office and get all the info which was long and drawn out and gave me a headache. This is the first year we have ever owed taxes. I was not very happy about it. I guess i should be happy that we have good jobs and make decent money but when your use to getting back 3 or 4 grand and they tell you owe 2 grand well.. kinda ruins my day. So needless to say not to happy about the taxes. But they also showed us what we needed to know about making quarterly payments for next year so that hopefully we won't owe, we may still owe next year but we won't have to pay any penalties. So after dealing with that I headed over to VW this is where i got the only good news at today and it still wasn't that great. They had told me the car was 650 to fix and not under warranty but when i got there the service guy was nice and went back and talked to the main supervisor and then came out and said that one part was covered under something the VW dealers did so i didn't have to pay for it only 300 for the cv boots or whatever. So half of what i thought i was going to have to pay. I was happy for like 5 seconds cause as i was walking out of the door with a smile on my face the phone rang and it was the nurse from the VA. blah blah blah...... anyway the Dr from the VA called later today and told me i failed the one hour sugar test i was in the 190's and they like 140's i guess. I'm not anemic though this time so that's good. And all my other tests were either neg or positive whichever they were suppose to be. So the doctor said he was scheduling my 3 hour sugar test. I have to either come in tomorrow or friday in order to have the results by my next OB appointment. So as fun as today has been paying bills and looking into tax crap.. Tomorrow is even funner. blah!! I guess i'm driving myself an hour away to the VA and going to let them poke me when i get there drink the crap and then get poked three more times. Fun. Oh and last time they made a huge blood bubble in my arm. So yeah i'm looking forward to it all. The babysitter is gonna come watch lilly in the am so i don't have to haul her down there for three hours of fun. But my mom has a toothache and I didn't have the heart to ask her to come with. I don't realy need someone I just get nervous because of recent close calls with fainting, i dont like to have to drive myself especially when i'm suppose to not eat and i give blood.. doesn't seem like it would make for a good situation. But i'm a trooper and well I just have to do things I don't like to do sometimes. SO another day of fun tomorrow! I think i'm going to treat myself to bingo tomorrow night if i feel up to it. But for now i'm going to wrap up this crummy day with folding a load of laundry and getting lilly to clean up her play room. Good night!

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Unknown said...

Dang, you were busy busy. Im sorry Im not there to give you a hand with all this. Miss you sweetie.