Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tipsy Tuesday.. or something.

Well okay today hasn't been so bad and Its not the kind of tipsy some may think. I have been having little spells of being tipsy or faintissh.. i left work the other day cause i really did think i might pass out. Allan had to come pick me up cause i couldn't drive myself home. I rested and felt fine the next day. I called the dr offfice and they said go to ER if it didn't get better but i refused to go. The other day it came on again but not as bad. I think that perhaps i'm anemic. This is my sefl diagnosis.. remember I'm a nurse and we dont' realy daignose but we like to from time to time. Anyway i went in and saw my doctor and she said it was time to do labs anyway so next week i'm getting labs done and i'm going to do the sugar test. Last time with lilly we failed and i had to do the three hour and then i failed that one. So I'm hoping for better results this time. I have been looking at my sugar levels at work ocassionaly and it doesn't seem to be running high but who knows what it will be then. I know last time i didn't know anything about it and ate pizza the night before. Wont be doing that this time. lol.. Today i have felt okay not that tipsy just more tired than i have been. The baby is kicking constantly now but not hard kicks just little flutterful ones all the time. allan has felt it twice. Lilly really wants to feel the baby kick but hasn't managed to feel it yet. allan is still at school till friday. he ate some soul food the first day and has been regretting it since lol.. It was called "mama's soul food" and he said that apparently mama was an ederly asian woman.
anyway on that note i'm headed to bed. I"m workign my one day tomorrow so good night everyone.

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