Thursday, January 12, 2012

I have the best hubby in the world!

okay. I uploaded the pictures backwards but today I am still sick. Would you know that I got a knock on the door while my mom was over here bringing us food again and reminding me to lay low and not forget to eat. It was flowers. Gorgeous uge bouquet from my husband who is in africa. He knew I was sick and sent me flowers. HE also said they were for finishing my BSN degree. I got my grade and passed my last class so I am done. Have to submit my paperwork from my diploma but done is done! no more classes! woohoo. so back to the sweet man i'm maried to. He included a big bear for lilly. She was so tickled when i told her that her dad sent her a present. She came running downstairs and grabbed the bag it came in and started digging. Then she smiled really big and hugged it and felt it's soft fur. Then she wanted to take it up to meet her other bears and watch mario with her. So that is the first picture. the middle brown bear is the new one.

snuggling it up.

a picture of the bear and flowers.. so prettty it has huge blooms so i'm sure it is going to be coming out with even prettier flowers in the next few days too. I see lillies in there.

pretty huh? yep he is amazing man that ALLAN KEYES. We miss you come home. Oh and we did get his flight details. He will be back on the evening of the 27th. ;-)

This last picture is the only picture I got of my friends and I while they were here. It's not the most attractive one ever but I was happy to have one. I haven't seen them in 5 years so it was good to get a picture just in case it turns out to be another 5 years. lol.. I dont think it will though. THey are in san diego and I'm in phoenix now so it's alot closer these days. Miss you all. !


Nicolle said...

That last picture is really good, and you look great. Sorry you have been so sick. I am sure the flowers from your sweet husband just made your day. They are beautiful! Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Im glad I could help in some small way to make you feel better. Im so proud of you Sarah for getting your degree too. Kiss my Lilly for me.