Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This is a picture of what i've been up to..

yep i've been sick as a dog today. Started at 2 am last night. Sore Throat, runny nose, feel like poopy. Yep that's been my day. I've been having hot and cold flashes and my back is now aching from laying on the couch most of the day. I haven't got out of my jammies all day and neither has lilly. Mom brought us breakfast and picked up a bnch of cold medicine and cough drops for me. Uncle aaron came back over tonight so that he could play video games with lilly while i took a hot shower and a nap if i wanted. I napped all day so i decided to blog a bit and sit up straight in this chair. Pretty sure I have went thru a whole box of tissue today. YUCK! anyway on a different not sick note.. i also worked on the baby's room a bit the other night before I got sick. I got the crib up ( mostly.. allan will have to check it when he gets back) . since this photo i added a futon in the room and some fun pillows. I still want a rocking recliner and the tv set up in there for late nights. Plus a changing station. Everything else can go down stairs like swing and playpen.. etc. It's getting cute in there. No i need a baby to put in there.. but i'm happy it's not today cause i'm miserably sick right now. booo..

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