Friday, January 20, 2012

what a nice suprise

I went thrift store shopping today with mom and our babysitter linette and lilly. We all found stuff we liked. It was a fun outing. I basically got emma a whole summer wardrobe. Plus i found a dress and top for when it gets a little warmer and I'm still pregnant. It was a gorgeous day out today. So pretty. We rode around with the windows down and got slushes from sonic. :0)
Then I went and met up with my brother aaron at his house so lilly could visit with her uncle. While we were hanging out Aaron said that he was really craving some grilled food. I started thinking about it and we had plans last week to go to the terrace out here in queen creek. Well we got sick last week and didn't go. However we are all pretty much over the funk that had us last week so he called and made reservations for us all to go. It was sooo nice. It's outdoors but they have little heat lamps for if it's cold and misters if it's hot. THey had a nice band playing country songs we recognized and they had amazing bbq! they had ribs, chicken, pulled pork, or brisket to choose from or a little of two and then a ton of sides to include honey corn bread, beans, potatoes, cole slaw, and corn on the cob. It was all delicous. Well i wasn't a fan of their slaw but everything else was amazing. the patio which is one big long terrace had a very nice crowd. Mostly older that us but some yojnger families sprinkled in. I went and asked about making a tee time( yes it's on a golf course). So allan is going to have a tee time on a monday night because mondays they have the same kind of deal but they grill hamburgers and it's buy one get one. So we will try it and if he loves it then we will come back on friday for bbq. We may have found a new hang out. We will see if allan likes the golf there.
anyway, i have to work tomorrow so i better get off of here.
nighty nite

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