Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey hey hey.. lol i kinda feel like fat albert or santa. This belly is just sticking out far these days. there is definetly no sucking it in. anyway, today i went shopping at target for lillys bday party. i got her about 7 presents.. squinkies, zoobles, and other random small things. i had a 50 dollar gift card so i used it. i made a chicken tortilla casserole last night and a pineapple cake. the cake was great but the chicken casserole came out looking like mush when cut. it tasted great but looked like mush. we brought the dishes over to my moms house for a potluck. We had hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill and then our dishes and stuff. our friends came with 6 kids and so lilly had a blast like always with all the teenagers. they played soccer in the field and we had a fire in the pit. im still over here about to head homecause lilly has entered the exhausted mode where they hurt themselves at every turn and it takes 5 years to calm them down cause they are really just exhausted. i give her 5 minutes in the car before she is out like a light. anyway, hope everyones having a great week.

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