Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Last night I picked up emma from school and we went to waste a little time. Her aunt autumn had a baby yesterday. She was very close to having it when i picked up emma from school so that is why we wasted time. Emma's mom jenn had been with her sister at the hospital nearly all day i think. So lilly emma and I went to good will and poked around for treasures then we went and had dinner at on the border. We got news that the baby was born so we waited a little while and headed over. The girls were so excited to see a baby. i watched the family's stuff while they all went back and then eventually when it cleared out autumn said to come on back again so lilly ran up to me and asked" mom i see the baby? you come with me?" She wanted to see that little baby so bad as was really trying to be patient but she just didn't understand that we weren't exactly family and I was trying to give the new mom room and space. lol.. Autumn was a very patient new mom thank goodness and let everyone see her new baby boy. HE weighed in at 7lbs and 8oz and was 21 inches long i think.
While i was in the waiting room watching the familys stuff a nurse came up and asked me if i needed help. She had been back in the back doing stuff and apparently thought i might be checking myself in because well I am due next week and i was sitting in the womens services dept.. I don't blame her for asking but it was slightly funny. I told her " no i'm fine this week but ask me next week." 
So this is the last week before olivia gets here. She has been very still again. Makes me nervous but i really think she is just  squished in there . So our plans for this last week.. House cleaners are coming today to help me get this house back in shape. it's not really bad but i haven't been able to vaccumm in a while and the trash has a huge watermelon in it so i can't take it out caus ei can't lift it.  Just random stuff needs to be cleaned like bathtubs scrubbed cause i can't bend down there for example.  Tomorrow allan is suppose to make it home. He is suppose to get in tomorrow night but he is having to take a boat instead of a helicoptor on his first leg of the trip so it's a toss up wether or not he will make his flight now so he could be delayed a day. Which stinks because well i want my husband home but also because i scheduled carpet cleaners to come in on friday morning. We haven't had our carpets cleaned since we lived here now for 2 years. We have done it but never had it done and well there are some spots i would like to see if they can get out. the stairs are showing alot of high traffic area spots too So i figure right before the baby gets here is a good time to get those carpets cleaned for little hands and legs to be crawling on soon. There is a company that doesn't use any harsh chemicals and people swear by it so we are trying them out. So i really kinda need allan to move some furniture but y friend karen has 3 boys that will come do it for me if allan doesn't get home. So we do have a back up plan, thank goodness for friends and family.  I scheduled saturday to be a relaxing day. I got massages scheduled for me and allan. His back is always so messed up when he gets home and well i'm pretty much just a twisted ball of nerves right now so that will be nice. I think mom will watch lilly and give us a date night that night too. We may see a movie or go out to eat. Something fun before we are stuck in the house with a new baby lol.. I haven't planned anything for the 20th-22nd yet.Well i do have scheduled doctor apts on thursday and monday. They are so part of my routine now i just seem to forget about them. The baby was measured monday and measured in at 7lbs and 15 oz and they measured the leg bone and said " oh you have a tall one in there"  I guess the leg was measuring over 40 or 41 weeks.  I may have already wrote about that but i don't think so. They said lilly would be 8 or 9 lbs but she was 6lbs 11 oz but this baby feels much bigger than lilly ever did in my belly so she may very well come out 8 or 9 lbs. Who knows.
   So we are heading down the homestretch. ONE MORE WEEK!

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Thank You for picking Em up from school that day and bringing her to the hospital.