Sunday, May 6, 2012

17 more days!!! yikes

Yes there is only 17 more days till our scheduled c section. Olivia is down low and i'm hoping to make it the 17 more days or at least till the 17th of may because that is when her daddy gets home from africa. Last night was a  supermoon which is supposedly (old wives tale) suppose to bring on labor in pregnant women. I felt her moving and kicking a ton the lsat two days which was strange because she had been being very still to the point of me worrying a little bit so when she started moving and the fact that she is so low to begin with made me wonder if there was some truth to the story and if i would go into labor but she is still snuggled up in there and not moving as much again. Tomorrow we have another ultrasound scheduled at 10 am to check fluid levels and what not. Then another NST test on Thursday like every week for weeks now. I'm very over going to these apts can you tell? She is always perfect in there. She weighed in last week at 6 1/2 lbs, they said that is in the 54% for that week so that was perfectly great not too big. I have been way hungier lately. Before it didn't seem like i was eating that much and id often get people asking me if i was eating enough and for a few weeks i didn't gain any weight at all.. but i think i'm making up for it in these last weeks. yikes. I think i have gained like 23 lbs total which is okay. But my stomach is completely huge. Like i don't remember lilly being nearly this big of a tummy and i thought i was a huge house back then. I'm very uncomfortable and i threw up yet again the other morning. i think olivia just wanted to tell me that once again i will have morning sickness the entire time i'm pregnant. LOL. so besides finishing up odds and ends for olivias arrival there isn't much going on. My grandparents are coming for a visit. They don't generally travel too much by car these days but they decided to come out for olivia's birth. Acutally they are waiting till the first week or so in june and then coming so we will have a little time at home to get comfy. I'm very excited for the company. They have never came to visit out here or when we were in wyoming so it's fun and exciting to look forward to. I think they are staying 4 or 5 days.
Emma is coming over today with her mother for some swimming. Lilly misses her alot when allan is gone so i try to get her over from time to time just for quick visits. So we plan on swimming in the pool today and i have to try to make a run to the grocery store but it has started being pretty hard to do that. the walking and lifting of anything about do me in so i may wait till i recruit some help but our cabinets are looking a little bare... lol.
anyway, all is ok for the most part here. Sorry i haven't blogged in a while. it will probably be on and off from time to time.

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