Thursday, May 24, 2012

We are making it..

We are home and adjusting to life with another kid in it. It's strange to throw another kid in the mix. Lilly got sick the day after we got home from the hospital i think. She has been running a temp of 101 or so for the last day or two which stinks cause all she wants to do is love on the baby and i hate having to tell her to stay away cause she just doesn't understand germs. She still has a fever today but it has went down to 99.4 or so i'm hoping she is on the mend. She has a cough too and she keeps running out of the room to cough cause i told her not to cough near the baby. My poor sweet girl.

Olivia is doing great. She is an eater. Lilly never breastfed very well. This baby eats. We are pumping and breastfeeding and so far she takes both the bottle and boob but she does seem a little confused about which is which and what she needs to do but once she is on she is on. So that's good. We took her to the doctor already and he said she looks healthy. We have a two week check up coming up and she will get some labs drawn at that time. She passed her hearing screen. She has a bloodshot eye on the right side by her pupil. I asked the doctor and he didn't even look at it but told me it was normal. So if it isn't gone by her 2 week apt i'm going to bring it up again and make him look at it. She also sleeps thru everything. I seriously can yell down to lilly downstairs with the baby right by me and she doesn't even move. However watch out if you make her cold. She hates diaper changes and being uncovered. i loved this kid instantly and she makes me laugh just looking at all the tiny funn faces she makes. It's an adjustment taking care of two kids and i'm hoping i can do it when allan leaves. I mean i will do it cause i have to do it but i'm hoping it doesn't kill me. lol.. right now i have been taking the first half of the night (or first 2/3rds haha) from like midnight to 5 or 6 and then allan covers the morning shift so I can sleep in and boy have we been sleeping in till like 11 o clock. Even lilly has been sleeping in. It's so weird because we are totally morning people usually. I never sleep in past 8 usually. But she sleeps pretty good. The other night she went down at 1045 and woke up at 3 am for an hour and a half and then she woke up at 6 for an hour and a half too. So only twice a night isn't too bad. She is sleeping alot during the day too. She wakes up to eat and then sometimes hangs out looking around for a while.


Mirya Mason said...

She is precious. That's good, she does so well. I know you'll do just fine. You just have to find your adjustment, what works for you.

I hate Lilly was sick. Poor baby. She looks so pretty with her hair cut short. So cute!

Congratulations again.

Kerri said...

Congratulations. Olivia is beautiful...and looks like she has a couple of proud big sister too!