Wednesday, May 30, 2012

returning to normal.

yes life is slowly returning to a new normal. The baby isn't sleeping like the first week. She has opened her eyes and has started staying awake and wanting to look around alot. She also lost her umbilical cord " leftovers" last night. So she is officially a real girl. lol.. Emma is ovr here for a few days and her and lilly are playing alot. They need to get out of the house a bit because we have been cooped up. I'm thinkin a trip over to my mom's for an hour might help. Emma would like to go swimming but lilly is burned out on swimming and i still can't take a hot bath or go in a pool. Maybe next week?? hopefully. In the meantime we have been finishing little projects around the house. Getting things nice and neat around here for our company on sunday. I'm really excited to have my grandparents come stay with us. We love having visitors and family come. I'm so glad that they get to meet olivia even if she is tiny. Sometimes we go for a couple years without seeing my granparents so it's really awesome that they planned a trip out here right now. We don't travel when we have tiny babies so i'm glad they are coming here. They have never came and stayed with me before. Not in an apt or house or anywhere since i have been a grown adult. My grandfather did go on a tiger cruise with me when i was in the navy. IT was a very special time and a fun trip but since then we have always went and visited them. So now they will finally get to see a good glimpse into our household/lives.
Anyway, other than that we have been watching movies. Did anyone else watch the hatfields and mccoys on the history channel? it was a very good miniseries. Reminded me of watching lonesome dove when i was younger. We are going to watch the last episode of it tonight. I think it's a total of 6 hours and they broke it down to 2 hours for 3 nights.
I had my follow up apt with my doctor. I guess i do one at two weeks and then one last one at 6 weeks. She was suprised how well i'm looking and getting along. The scales say i'm only 4 lbs over what i originally started at " prebaby weight". so I've lost a total of 21 lbs in 13 days. Wish i could keep that rate going haha.. She said my incision looked good but she did ask me again how many more babies we were planning on having.. she said that i had alot of scar tissue from the first c section and that my uterine wall ws very thin when she was delivering olivia ( which is expected but she said it was a good thing we went ahead and had her when we did). I told her i ws ready to swim and take a hot bath and she told me " not yet" but was glad that i was feeling up to it. She asked about the breast feeding and I told her I wsn't making quite enough but she assured me that we were fine even though it seems like we are going bottle for bottle right now with olivia. I don't ever have enough to save and she keeps getting hungier and hungier but i guess as long as we are keeping up enough that is fine. We have had to supplement with formula like 3 times so far. OH well.. Anyway we are headed over to my moms now to get these girls out of the house. Hope everyone is having a good day.

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