Friday, May 11, 2012

Still trucking along

I'm home with the kido's tonight. Let me tell you the last few days have been long. I checked mom and her friend karen into the hotel on Wed. night and I think they had a lot of fun. It rained like crazy a few minutes after i got to the hotel  and it was a dust storm right before that so i decided to hang out with them for super  to let the weather clear out a bit.  After dinner me and lilly headed home and left the ladies to have some girls nights out. I picked them up yesterday to go play bingo and we did but not a one of us won a thing. lol. It was the first time i had been in a long while though so it was fun to be out. Today I picked up mom from the hotel after lilly went swimming in the big hotel pool for an hour. We headed to downtown gilbert and at e at joes barbeque. It was delicious as always. I had a big baked potatoe and one little bbq slider. I could not finish the potatoe. That thing was huge. I think it weighed at least a lb. seriously. After that i went and picked up emma from school. (jenn.. i must confess.. i picked her up about an hour early. I didn't want to drive all the way back to aj and i wanted her to feel special a little) So I took the kids swimming again. Swimming is the only thing they love to do and I can do. They swam for hours and i floated around. We were at my mom's neighborhood pool so there were plenty of kids to play with. Lilly kept her floaty on this time and didn't try to give me any heart attacks. I'm not sure if i wrote about that or not but she jumped in the pool the other day without her floaty. Emma probably saved her life because she brought attention to her and ended up pulling her back up on the step too. I ran over there  but much to my suprise Lilly was actually treading water and didn't even get her hair wet. I think she may be ready for some real swim lessons. She didn't scream for help she jsut kicked and paddled with all her might trying to get back where she could touch but she did manage to keep her head above water. lol.. ( and still almost give me a heart attack). So after swimmming for hours i bought their favorite little ceaser pizza and we came home to eat. The kids were excited to make a fort in their bunkbeds and watch movies. They got to talk to allan on facetime tonight and so he got to see their faces  and hear about their fort. They watched one movie and then emma asked to sleep in her regular bed not in the fort and lilly came in my bed crying of hurting legs. She has been complaining of this from time to time. I think that she is having growing pains. So right now she is still awake and laying on my bed watching cartoons and with a towell over her legs and ice packs on them. Not really sure that is going to help growing pains at all but that's what she wanted and she is picky about her " treatments" .. lol.
so i'm off to go cuddle the princess and get some sleep. Good night
 me mom and lilly at wild horse pass resort.

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