Saturday, May 19, 2012

Still in hospital

Yes Olivia and I are still at the hospital. Mom stayed with us last night so Allan could take Lilly home and have a good night sleep. So we had girl night at the hospital and watched movies and watched Olivia. I just forgot how little and cute babies are. Ok so details for Olivia. She was born on the 17th at 1213am. She weighed 7 lbs and 5 oz and was 21 inches long. It was an arrival all her own. We had planned the c section for the 23rd so that Allan would be home for it, well she had other plans. At 1030 that morning I was visiting mom and I told her I think I might be having some contractions. She got all nervous and excited and watched me the rest of the day. At like 230 I Valle the doctor office because I was pretty sure it was just Braxton hicks but since I was a a scheduled section I wanted to know when they did want me to come in if I was to start having real ones. The nurse asked me some questions and when I told her that they were a little painful and that they started in my back se told me that I had better just go in to the hospital cause they didn't wante to go into labor at home. Well the contractions were so far apart and not really hurting so bad that I just waited till about 7 pm before I decided to go in cause I knew they were gonna send me home. Mom went with me to the OB triage area and they hooked me up tithe monitor and said they could see some contractions but they were like 6-11 minutes apart and so after a while they decided to send me home but she said to come back if they got closer together or if my water broke etc. I went home at like 10 and I walked back in to the Er at around 1030pm I tried to take some Tylenol and a bath nothing helped and I was in severe pain by that point. When they got me hooked back up they saw that I was having contractions every 2 minutes and I was dilated to a 3 already within the 30 mins I was at home. So they called my doctor and I felt blessed because it was the only day this weeks actual doctor was on call. They gave me tributaline to try to at least slow down the contractions. They slowed but were still miserable so as soon as the anasteiologist was there we headed down to the or and I got a spinal block. Mom came in the Or with me and Lilly and uncle Aaron stayed in the waiting room also our friend Karen came by too. It all worked out and my mom was so touched to be so up close and involved in it all. She felt horrible that Allan was missing it but I could tell it made a deep impression and memory for her. She was stunned tht they handed Olivia to her to take to a recovery room. Lol. So that is how Olivia got here. She is doing well and eating well. Sleeping for hours at a time right now. I'm hoping that continues when we get home too. Lilly and Emma are happy to see their sister but I think they are ready for her to come home. Anyway I got to try to get a little more sleep while I can.

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