Monday, May 28, 2012

Few more pics

 I love my new sweet baby olivia.
 Lilly wants to kiss her little sister alot. She is really liking being a BIG sister
 The girls have been doing so well with their new sister. They like helping out with her.
 I thought i would add this one.. I was soooo swollen at the hospital that i didn't even have ankles. I had cankles. My foot was huge actually mywhole leg was swolen all the way down but it was amazing to me that i couldn't even see veins in my foot or anything. The swelling has gone down now and i have ankles once again thank goodness!
 These are my friends karen and briana that came to see the baby at the hospital. Briana wasn't so sure about holding a newborn. She was afraid she would break it and i would have to make a new one.. lol. Her mom karen helped out. Karen loves babies that is probably why god gave her 6 kids. Briana is her eldest.
ignore lilly's hair in this picture we hadn't quite gotten to the hairbrush this morning. But i thought it was cute that she wanted to feed her sister so i let her try it for a second.

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