Friday, July 6, 2012

forth of july pics

 lilly and briana ( britata) before the fireworks
at the park with uncle

 some of the blow up water slides they had. That's lilly in her bathing suit running by happy as a little lark.
 she was very brave climbing up the slides. the line had 7 little boys in it and lilly was the only little girl standing there. I didn't know if she would be able to climb that ladder cause it was wet and slippery but she made me proud.
 in the bounce house. I had to drag her out. She is becoming such a big brave fearless little girl. No longer my little baby.
 briana and laura dancing to the band playing.
We had a blast at the park in florence( the next town down about 30 mins) they had so much stuff to do. It was great family fun. We went with karen and her kids and lilly had a blast running around with all of them. they had water slides, free watermelon, a band, bounce houses, mud volleyball, horse shoe tournament, basketball, skate park, and playgrounds among other stuff. It was a nice firework show too. We will be going next year again for sure!

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