Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fireworks, sleeping, and winning!

Random title to this post I know. Happy 4th of July! We are going to see some fireworks tonight. I'm just not sure where and who with yet. We went to the farm down the street last year. It was a fantastic show but traffic is horrible afterwards. I live 5 minutes from there and it took me over an hour to get home. It is fun though and some of our friends are going there tonight. Our other friends go to Florence every year and they want us to go with. They give out free watermelon to all the kids and I guess have a lot of things to do. So I kinda want to check it out. This family has lived here their whole life so I assume they know where to go for the most fun. So stay tuned I'll post pictures of the days fun! Sleeping or happy baby. We switched to full on formula now cause I'm going back to work and decided I wasn't going to keep pumping. This switch made Olivia very mad for a few days. She was having belly aches and just not happy. She cried so much that I eventually cried and mom cried the day I went to work. She was tough to handle. But we discovered this stuff called colic calm. It's homeopathic and it worked wonders! I gave her one dropper full and it was like I had a whole new baby. She has been happy since. Smiling even. She is sleeping pretty good now too . She still wakes up a Couple times a night but it's not for long now and she has decided that she likes her swing now too! Yeah! Winning- I went out with some friends last night to play bingo. It was the first one I went with these two ladies Cindy and genie. We had us h a good time. Allan use to work with both of their husbands at the steel mill. Anyway I won on the very last game. And I hit the moneyball. I had to split with another winner but I still walked away with 990 bucks. I'm on a winning streak I think. Anyway happy fourth of July I'm going back to bed to get a couple more hours of sleep!

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Nicolle said...

Congrats on winning! That is awesome.

I'm glad you found stuff for colic. We didn't have too many issues with Boyd, but we swore by Gripe Water when he was irritated or fussy. I loved that stuff!