Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to our sweet Emma!

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

These were just a few of my favorite pictures of emma. WE can't wait to see you next week! Yeah it's getting closer. YOur sister can't wait to play with you. Last time you were here she couldn't even walk yet but this time she will be ready to play outside and run in the back yard! Hope you have a wonderful birthday party! We sent you a card but we will keep your present here for when you get here! love you miss emma!


Jennifer said...

Emma was so excited to see the pictures of her :) I love the one of her eating the snow cone. She looks so little! The last on is one of my favorites too. She looks so excited looking at her daddy!

thekeyes said...

I know these are some of my favorites too. We will have to take lots of pictures while she is here. We are going to also make a video. maybe we can send a copy home so she can watch it every so often. They are tiny little dvd's. See ya! It was good to talk to her this morning she sounded like she was bouncing all over the place. Happy 6 year old!