Saturday, June 6, 2009

here are some pictures of all the kids playing

I put some on the photosite. Here are a few to preview though. We had a good barbque with liz and her family. All the kids got to play together. Unfortunatly, lilly didn't have a nap before they came over so she was a grouch and then ended up falling asleep soon after they got here but she spunked back up after a short catnap. She just needed to go outside to be happy. So out we went after we ate. the kids had fun in the yard and i think we will have a fun summer outdoors with these kido's i think jake and lilly are little outdoor campers. Maddie likes it too as long as the dog is up. HAHA. Liz that was a wonderful salad you brought over. I don't know how nolan's mom makes it but it tasted yummy to me. In fact i'm sitting here wishing i had some more of it right now. lol.
I start my job tomorrow so don't expect many posts out of me. I'll post how it was but i have a feeling i'm going to be exhausted for a while. We will see.

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