Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sheww this girl is tired..

So i worked last night and i slept till about 1030 this morning. From 730 am till 1030am. Yep i'm running on 3 hours of sleep. It's weird cause i feel tired but pretty normal. Today i had a doctor apt at 1115 that's why i had to get back up. Once i was up i decided that i needed to stay up and get things done and hang out with the girls. So today we played outside like normal. We went to mcdonalds and took our dinner to the park. The girls were so cute at the park. Lilly loves the slides now and the swings are always her favorite. Emma was over at the bigger kid area and i was keeping an eye on her. Well she was talking to another little girl and here she came running to me. Before we got to the park i gae her a lecture on not talking to any weird strangers. I told her she could talk to kids her age but not any old ones and no adults that we didn't know. So when she ran up to me she started the conversation with.." this girl has the same birthday as me, june 3rd and she is 6. She likes to do the monkey bars, etc etc i mean it went on and on about everything about this other little girl. So then she asked if it was okay if she talked to her and told me that she was the same age and that she wasn't strange.. lol.. So my response was " that's fine emma what is her name?" she stopped in her tracks and said "i don't know i didn't ask her." Its funny how kids can talk and talk and a name is never important. So off she went to find out her name. She came crying back to me a few minutes later. I had told her to not climb the rock wall and not to do this other crazy tire swing kind of thing. I didn't think about the monkey bars. Isn't that what all kids get hurt on. She was holding her arm. she skinned her hand and said she hit her arm and neck. I checked her out and made her move everything. She is fine now. So we left the park and got ice cream and went home to play the wii. Lilly loves emma. She follows her around the house. She tried to crawl into the bathtub with emma tonight. Poor emma. lolEmma does really good with her though and hasn't lost patience with her yet. If emma is sitting in a chair lilly will climb up and snuggle with her. I'm a little sad cause it seems like i lost my snuggle buddy since emma got here. ;-(
I'm half watching dance the weight off. It looks really funny and cute. All these bigger people are going onto a show like dancing with the stars/ biggest loser. It's interesting if you like either one of those shows.

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