Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it nap time yet?

The last day or two i have been so tired. I don't know what has gotten into me. Yesterday i took a nap with lilly which is pretty rare for me cause usually i use that time for myself or to get things done around here. I don't know why i'm so tired though. Lilly went back into her crib. I think i wrote a post about that.. not sure but anyway we went back to her crib cause we couldn't get her to stay in her toddler bed at all. It as been great since she is back in her crib. the last two nights she slept the whole night thru which is very rare for her. She almost always wakes up at least once. The phone rang at 2am about 4 times. I mean four seperate calls. Allan's boss called twice and a toolpusher from the rig called twice and lilly slept thru all of that even. I didn't maybe that's why i'm tired. lol. He got called out at 2am last night so yeah for the overtime hours but shewww poor allan. He had to get up and drive 5 hours away i think. He was tired before bed too so i felt really bad for him. He is going to come in today and sleep from like 7 when he gets home till tomorrow i think. Anyway back to lilly, she has been so good on sleeping now. I had to go in there after the phone rang last night just to check on her. She stirred alittle when i touched her so i knew she was okay but she didn't get up till 730 this morning. We have been laughing too cause she keeps sleeping in. 730 is early for her now. She likes to sleep till 830 or even 9 if you let her. HAHA!. I had to check on her last night because at about 730pm she fell off of her slide which i had brought in for her to play on. Well she tried to climb it with three shoes in her hand. she made it to the top but then leaned back and fell off of it. She banged her head pretty good. Allan thought her body got the brunt of the fall but it worried me because she started throwing up everywhere pretty fast. We went ot the tub to try to clean her off and she wasn't having any of it and she wouldn't let me touch her head to wash it. So i was worried about a head thing of course. She went to sleep fine but it was the waking up part i was worried about. She woke up fine this morning and has been totally happy. She is taking a little nap right now but she is fine.

I went to jc penney's and bought two dresses for the wedding. I couldn't decide on just one. LOL. I think i have a favorite though. So i'm glad that i found a couple. They were both 70 dollars a piece but they were both marked down so much i ended up spending only 62 for both of them. YEAH! I needed a couple of nice summery dresses. I have some winter ones but mostly just sundresses for summer. Nothing nice enough to wear to a wedding. So problem solved. Now i need to get shoes for emma and possibly another dress. We will see. She has acouple of really nice ones but i don't know how they will fit. I hear she doens't like wearing dresses anymore so i'm going to have to play up the whole fancy wedding stuff. lol

So i read about your blog on finding a necklace for katie. I have wanted to get lilly and emma both a piece of jewelry and so today i was looking at the childrens necklaces at jcpenney's.. OH MY GOSH! I had no idea. lol. I picke dout 4 for the lady to price for me and the cheapest one was 70 bucks. The other ones were all 130ish. I couldn't believe it. one was a tinkerbell and one was a princess golden necklace. The other two were a locket and a little diamond heart. None were worth the 130 bucks they wanted. So good score if you found a pretty one for under 50 dollars. lol I think we will go look at claires or icing when it gets closer and forget jewelry till they get a little older. lol.

Mom is gone to her first day at firerock. She is just in oreintation but i could tell she was nervous when she left. She looked real snazzy though. I'm sure she will do fine.
I still haven't gotten pictures of the basement. By the time i get down there to do something besides laundry It is going to be done and i'll only have pictures of the after. lol. The walls are all drywalled and we started the mudd. Not too much farther to go.
Anyway I may go try to squeeze in a few minutes of shut eye before rowdy girl gets up again. See Ya!

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