Monday, June 22, 2009

well im exhausted again. lol

I worked last night and i'm back up after 4 hours of sleep. I work again tonight. The work is quite easy though because we are actually staffed correctly for once. lol Makes it better when there are more hands to help. Plus i really like the nurse that is on duty with me. Emma's friend came home today. Clara the neighbor and now they can't be seperated. I'm hoping they go play at her house soon. They have been swimming in the baby pool in our back yard for the last hour or two. I'm not in the mood for handling more than my own kids with only 4 hours of sleep in last two days. >>>> oh my prayers were just answered. As soon as i typed that clara and emma came in and said clara had to go home. lol.. i like clara alot and i'm glad that emma as someone i like to play with so close but today is rough enough with just two. oh emma just asked if she could go to kidswork. That's the drop in daycare we use while she is here. We don't use it often but it comes in handy sometimes. So i guess i'll go call kidsworks.

Leslie, Thank you for leaving a comment. I saw that you had looked at the page a couple of times. I'm glad you figured it out. lol. We do need a trip somewhere. We are going to alabama maybe you should drive up and meet me there for a day or so. lol Ill be there on the 16 thru the 21st. miss you girly!

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Leslie said...

Oh I miss you guys too! I would love to see you! And my face!!!! Oh she is so cute! Where in Alabama? I will look it up on the Garmin!