Friday, June 26, 2009

swimming pool bound

Today has been about relaxing mostly. Lots of hugging and snuggling. I did sneak out and take the girls to lime leaf for some soft noodles. Then we made a walmart run to get papertowells and q tips.. you know the basics. lol. Lilly is still not fully recovered but hopefully will be soon. She doesn't have much of a fever it was 99.2 We plan on taking the girls to swim with their cousins tonight from 445 till 6ish. I have to work tonight. They call me about everyday to see if i can pick up a shift. I have been saying no no no but i thought i better say yes sometime. so i said i would work just 4 hours tonight and then work on sunday 6-2. Lilly just got up here thinking she was going to help my type. now she is pulling out every pen i own out of the cup they go in. lol so i guess this post is getting cut short.. nevermind i'll try again later maybe.

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