Sunday, January 9, 2011

tiny update..

tiny update.. hmm.. yes there isn't much to post about actually. We have jsut been working our tails off and doing errands when we aren't working. Emma went back to her mom's today and lilly didn't like that at all. However lilly got distracted by john and serrah's little girl Payton. She came over and visited awhile because her mom and dad are moving two miles down the street from us so we watched her for them today. Lilly wasn't cruel to her like always but wasn't the nicest either. She has alot to learn still. She didn't want to share anything which i guess comes from being the only child around most of the time. But she did try to kick the little girl a couple times too. I'm not sure why the kicking thing is coming out lately but i think it has to do with the dog because that is where it started. Her kicking the dog to defend herself from it's jumping and chewing. AHHHH this sweet child of mine. lol. Anyway she did tell me that she likes the baby and when payton cried fro her mom she tried to give her a bottle and got really happy when the baby didn't cry for a little bit and told me " she likes it mom" .. it was cute her trying to help.
But now i'm back at work tonight. I don't have to work tomorrow but i'll probably stay up late and sleep thru the day anyway cause i work 3 night shifts mon-wed. The one girl i worked with quit after an incident the other night so I'm not sure who i will be working with this week. Should be interesting.
My classes are going well still. I have to write a couple page paper every week for both classes and do journal enteries too so it's a little time consuming but I'm doing okay in both of them.
Anyway hope everyone is having a good week. I'll try to update when our life picks up a little or we have time off. whenever that will be.. lol.

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