Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello All..

So i worked again last night. I worked an 18 hour shift but it isn't so bad only doing it twice a week. I run my tail off from 2pm till midnight then it's downhill from there. I have been gettting really good at IV starts. ;-) I figure if I can get a heroin users veins then i can get just about anyones. Speaking of getting someone's veins.. allan went to the emergency room while i was at work last night. We think he has some kidney stones. HE had one in the past about 4 years ago so he had about the same symptoms but went in to make sure. They gave him an IV and well allan has huge veins the kind you could turn out the lights and throw the needle from across the room and still hit one. They hit it of course but it looks like they did a crap job at that. lol. Next time I'm gonna keep him at home and do it myself i think. ;-) He is at work tonight and not in pain just has a headache. I think he may be a little dehydrated. So he is downing water and trying to take it easy as can.
Lilly is doing great at the potty still. I don't think we have had an accident in quite a while. This morning we took off her pullup and she was dry all night. So I'm not sure what is up with that but we will see if she keeps that up. That would be awesome.
Tonight allan is working but i made hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and we invited britt the babysitter over. Her and aaron have been hanging out quite a bit. SHe did get her leave date for the airforce and it's in may so they are keeping it friendly. It's too bad we just love little brit. Especially lilly. Speaking of other people that lilly just loves. PAPA WADE if your reading this you should feel the love coming your way. I tucked lilly into bed tonight and let her watch her movie. Well about 10 minutes later she came down the steps saying she needed something.. I said what do you need lilly.. she said " i need papa wade" . She said it about 3 times. I'm not really sure what triggered all that but she does talk about you from time to time. I assured her that you were coming to see her in a " few" more days. So she went back to bed and is fast asleep knowing that papa wade is coming to see her in a while.
Anyway It's back to the homework for me. I'm trying to get caught up. I have a 98 and a 95 in the classes. ! woot woot go me. lol.. but i'm feeling burned out and when i have a good average it makes me want to skip a few assignments cause i know it wont make me fail. lol. yikes. so i'm forcing myself to get back to it. night ya'll.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Allan! Praying for him. *hugs*