Friday, January 7, 2011

here are a few new pictures

I think it's neat that they have decorated orange trees for chirstmas. lol..
Feedin the chickens and ducks with Anne

painting pinecones with hannah

hannah and her rooster. Ive never seen such a calm rooster. he fell asleep getting petted.

emma liked feeding them corn chips and parts of oranges from the trees.

mom and anne posing for a picture. I think they could be pretty instant friends. ;-)

hannah getting bombarded with animals and children. she is such a good sport. She i s 12 but very mature and the girls just loved her.

I think lilly was trying to pull this goats tail. later she said something smelled like goat's tail. I imagine it was pretty bad. lol.

WE went and had a wonderful time with Anne at her house in chandler. THis house is in the middle of town but it has a huge yard and is zoned for horses and stuff. It's alot like being at a farm but still in the middle of the city. The girls loved having a picnic over there and they played and played with all the animals and then painted acorns or coconuts ( aka pinecones) .

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paige said...

Great pictures! I love the pics with the goats. :)