Sunday, January 16, 2011

We are boring right now.

Not much to post about right now. We are just hanging out, working a ton, doing a crap ton of school work. Allan took this month off of school but he starts back up early feb i think. He has his last two classes to go. I think he is taking physics then he will be doing programming for his last class.
Oh i do have a little prayer request. My friend here lost a baby last night. Please keep her and her family in your prayers this week if you can. They had been trying really hard to even get pregnant and they were very happy to finally be pregnant. I think she had just made it into her second trimester so it was a pretty tough blow. Just pray for comfort or anyway you feel lead to pray.
What else.. umm lilly is still doing very well with her potty training. She is mostly in panties except for at night. Today we went to target and she was in her panties. She was playing in a rack of clothes and gave me the "oh no Mommy" look. She said " i pee" so i expected to see a puddle of pee under her but she stood up and there wasn't anything so i felt of her and her panties were just barely damp. I think she started to go and caught herself so we rushed to the bathroom and she peed and peed on the toilet. I kind of make a game of it and we " listen" for her pee. So she started and stopped her pee a whole bunch of times but i guess it teaches her good bladder control too so for now that is encouraging her. All other times she just goes into the toilet and goes by herself now but she still likes getting assistance to wipe. If you don't catch her in there it is a toss up if she comes out dressed or naked. I guess it just depends on if the outfit is easy or hard to put back on. lol..
I'm headed out to work now. I start doing some day shifts this week. I'm excited about that. It's long hours when i work but I'll get the experience I was looking for and I'll ge tto be with the doctors now some instead of always by myself. So I'm sure that i'm going to learn a ton.
ANything else.. Oh yeah i think i have a cyst. boo I have an apt with a dermatologist on thursday. I'm hoping they can get to the bottom of it and get it off me. boo.. any of you ever had a cyst removed or whatever? care to share your experience? I know i'm a nurse but i guess this is a chapter i missed in school cause i really don't know much about it. Yes i have tried heating pads to just get my body to reabsorb it. I have also tried putting vicks vapor rub on it.. i've also just tried cleaning it with alcohol a bunch. I have had this thing for about 8 years i would guess but in the last week it doubled in size and got tender so i think it got infected. booo.. anyway I"m off to work. hope you all have a good monday.

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Nicolle said...

So sorry about your friend losing the baby! :(

Funny you mention the cyst. I've had one for about 12 years now, on my upper back. I HATE it. I want it removed this year, but my dermatologist told me it requires a minor surgery, stitches, etc. Now I'm a chicken. I've googled everything to see if there was a natural way to remove it! Mine is sometimes larger, sometimes it shrinks. I guess I don't have any advice for you, just understanding!