Wednesday, January 5, 2011

work work work

I've been working my tail off and that's why i haven't posted. Lilly regressed on her potty training while i have been at work. Not sure why she does that but i've been noticing the trend. Emma is here with us now. The girls are having a good time playing together. allan is off too, so he is enjoying taking them to the park and finding activities to do with them to keep them quiet while i sleep during the day. I have to work one more night and then i'm off thrusday and friday then back to work on sat night. i plan on taking them to my friends house who has goats,chickens, ducks, and rabbits and a few dogs and cats also. I think they are going to enjoy having a picnic over there. They are such farm girls at heart I think. ;-) or tomboys. I started my classes for my RN to BSN program. They are goign well I got an 85 and a 95 on my first two assignments and I have the same instructor for both classes. I feel pretty good getting it done because the other people in my class are both in their 50's so woot woot for me for knocking it out now. lol.. Anyway that's all the update i have for now.

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