Thursday, January 27, 2011

it's been a day or two..

a lot has happened in a day or two i suppose. Or maybe nothing has really happened. I did however go on a job interview. I have been trying not to write about it because i wanted to giv enotice at work and not wonder if they would find out any other way.
I will be a nurse at fountain hills, az now. Yes it is still an hour away but that is mainly cause we live on the outskirts of phoenix so everything is like an hour away. they offered me an awesome job. Would anyone like to guess how much money they offered me an hour? i'd love to know what people think nurses get paid. .. i'm jut curious. I had no idea really before i became a nurse. They offered me a dayshift job. mon tues and wed 12 hour shifts which the schedule alone is probably worth taking! however when i said i needed to know how much they paid well.. that did it! so i went from probably one of the lowest paid nurses in my graduating class to one of the top paid nurses in the class. ;-) I think that it is going to be more stressful but i'm hoping that i can keep up and learn alot and get some sort of routine down and get in a groove.
Allan is still doing really well. no problems with kidney stones now. Lilly is also doing really good. Did i tell the story of lilly and her polly pockets? I can't remeber. okay so lilly has a couple new polly pockets that she got for her birthday. one of them has a bathing suit covering up her " important parts" so lilly changes her clothes all the time and it's a two piece bathing suit painted on there. apparently they are worried about polly's indicency these days. Anyway i was laying around on the floor listening and playing with lilly. She was playing with polly and doing a fashion show of all the clothes that came with polly. Well as she was changing her she kept repeating " there's your bubbles and panties" and " bubbles and panties". it took me a second and then i realized that she was talking about " boobies". i suppose at some point i have said something about " boobies" to lilly. She picked up on that except thought i was saying " bubbles". lol. aren't kids funny. So it's been a running joke around her with anything dealing with the chest area and bubbles. It also made me think that her doll she named " bouncing bubbles" might need a name change now that we know what she thinks bubbles are. HAHA. sorry if you don't find this humorous. I know that my sense of humor is somewhat twisted at times but i laughed and laughed at my sweet little girl. Anyone else have any funny kid stories. I'd love to hear them.

well I work tomorrow. an 18 hour shift at my current job. Then my last day will be tuesday and I think that i'm starting oreintation for my new job on thursday and friday this coming week. I"m pretty nervous and excited all at the same time. They said they can't do anything till my drug test comes back. so i've been waiting to hear from them that they got it back. It's crazy what make syou nervous. I don't do any drugs of course. I can't even swallow pills which is another story entirely but i still get nervous thinking what if it came back bad.. how it would is beyond me. HAHA. but i think i'm just nervous cause i quit my job already. anyway i know it's silly. I'm just nervous that they will change their mind or say we made a mistake on the pay or something.. it all seems to good to be true so my human mind says there has to be something wrong. Guess i just need to celebrate that i have been given this great oppurtunity in today's tough job market. ;-)


Jenn said...

hahahahaha bubbles is freakin awesome!

Kerri said...

I think bubbles sounds like a much nicer name than boobies!! So cute! Congratulations on your new job....very exciting! Great hours sister in law is a nurse and works third shift fri, sat, and sun....she misses out on all the fun stuff.
I'm so glad you liked the cake!!! I had a piece after lunch and dinner yesterday...I'm ready for it to be gone now...I can feel my pants getting tighter and tighter!

Sandy Keyes said...

Time for an update Sarah! This Grammy is in need of news and pics of her babies! Glad you enjoy your new job! Love, Grammy Sandy