Saturday, January 1, 2011

ok i'm bragging a little.. but it's deserved.

Yes i just have to bragg on my little one this morning. She turned three on the 29th as most of you know cause i blogged about that too. Well we have tried off and on with potty training for months now. I blame myself mostly for it not working just because I have given up and said " she will get it when she is ready" or " all kids do it in their own time" .. yeah I"m thinking those are just excuses lazy moms tell themselves. LOL. sorry.. I know that they are partly true but in my case i think lilly has been ready for a while and maybe she just needed extra attention from me on it. So here is what happened. She has for the most part been able to use the potty if i let her run around naked all day. She will go on the toilet everytime if she is naked. However if she has panties or training pants on the % of times on the potty will drop to like 50%. Sometimes she will and sometimes she wont then i become frustrated and tired of cleaning poo out of training pants which is really no fun. So i put her back in her pull ups which the percentage goes down to 0% if she is in a diaper or pullups. She will not take those off because she knowsit's okay to pee in them.
OJkay so here is what happened. About a week ago Lilly woke up and i was getting her out of her sopping wet diaper (she always pees a ton at night) I noticed that she had a rash on both sides of her hips. This is weird because she has only had one case of buttrash in her whole 3 years. She has always used the same brand of diapers for the most part but when we have borrowed one or whatever of a different brand it had never bothered her before. Well we still had the same brand but we had went up in size which i didn't think would even make a difference but i guess it did. So i decided to stop being lazy and have her wear panties for the day. So that day I asked her every hour or so if she needed to pee pee. Well that day she ketp her panties dry all day. I haven't been able to put her in panties at night and that might not come for a while because she still soaks her diaper at night and doesn't wake up. But the next day we did panties again. I had to sleep this day so my mom did the panties with her and well I'm nto sure if lilly took advantage of this or if mom didn't ask her but she had two accidents. The next few days she did fine with no accidents. We have taken her to the park and for bike rides with no problems. We have only braved one store though. BUt she has went everytime in the toilet. Last night i ws getting her ready for bed and she begged me not to put on a diaper. She really didn't want one but i really didn't want to clean up pee off her new bunkbed at 2 am so we went with the diaper. ( probably being lazy again) Anyway she was watching her little movie in her bed and then she ran in my room totally naked. She had taken off her pj's and diaper. She told me she had to pee so i got up and went with her. She pee'd on the pot and then we diapered back up. I felt her diaper and it was totally dry. She had taken off a perfectly good diaper to go pee in the pot!

So i'm braggin a bit because I'm so excited that she is well on her way to being pottytrained now. She has got it during the day time and that's the important time to me! woohoo! so excited!


Anonymous said...

yaaay Lilly!!

Kerri said...

Yay for Lilly! Such exciting stuff for a mom...I never get tired of reading a potty success story! Hope she continues to do well!
I was kind of one of those lazy moms...well my son kind of forced that on me! He was scared to death to sit on the toilet and we would try and hold him down...two times and then we gave up! When he was 3 yrs and 2 months he came to me and said he wanted to try. Never had an accident one time since, ever....not even during the night. So, sometimes it just pays to wait until they are ready. He was a pretty easy one!