Wednesday, January 19, 2011

busy as a bee..

I'm working my first 18 hour shift today. I came in at 2pm and i work till 8 am. my first 10 hours are the tough ones then it's downhill. I got all my work done so now i'm jsut hanging out in the clinic by myself fighting off sleep. lol.. I'm blogging to keep my mind awake. I did some ridiculous amount of IV's tonight so i'm beat.. I was running running doing my own one man show till everyone went to bed around 11. Now it's quite and my paperwork is done and my filling is done and so here i am.
Allan is at home in bed. He hung up lilly's new swing after i left for work. I guess she really likes it. They also watched "the Town" with ben affleck. Everyone has said it's really good. I'm goign to try to watch it tomorrow maybe after i take a nap of course.
Emma is selling girlscout cookies for anyone interested that reads this. I'm putting in an order soon. mmmm.. can't wait.
I still have a dermatologist apt. I definetly have a cyst so I'm hoping that they will get rid of it on thursday. I can not wait. It's driving me nuts!!!!
I'm still ticking away at school work one assingment at a time. I have a 97 and a 93 in the classes which is really good.
Allans parents got their vacation time approved for march so we are getting excited to see them soon. It will be good to have some company. ;-)
anyway I guess i better get back to it. see you all.

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