Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lillys third bday

Yes my little munchkin turned three today. can you believe it? I can't. Where does the time even go. Anyway we decided to have her birthday in jan because it's just too close to christmas and everyone is overdone and she is still playing with her new christmas toys. YEs so we are going to have a party at the park with pizza and cake and invite some of the neighborhood kids and our fe friends here in jan. With that being said.. we couldn't do nothing today. lol. I told lilly happy birthday this morning when i got home from work and well she knows what birthdays are so i guess this set her off for the rest of the day. I went to bed because i was exhausted from working the last three nights but mom said lilly started planning her own party and telling her what they needed. First was a cake. WE happened to have one in the pantry so mom decided why not and made a birthday cake up. Then lilly said we needed to clean the house and make it pretty so they started picking up the toys. I guess next she decided that no birthday is complete without balloons cause they woke me up saying they were going out to the store to get some balloons. lol.. okay then when they were at the store lilly said " and candles" so they got candles too.. my mom apparently can't say no to a birthday girl. So tonight the guys came home from work and we had dinner and then lilly blew out her candles on her cake and asked us where her presents were. lol.. luckily grandma sandy and aunt liz had sent presents already so we let her open those. Boy did they come in handy at just the right time. HAHA. She loved the stamp set she got from liz and played with that right after cake. She was happy with her shirts also from grammy sandy. Thank you both for sending her presents. she really did enjoy opening them today. Check the photosite for all the pictures.

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