Friday, December 24, 2010

just some early christmas pics of the pretty girls

we bought some fireworks because they are no legal here i guess. so we said why not. who doesn't need fireworks for christmas? lol

so sparklers it is..

point it away from you lilly.. lol

they were pretty big sparklers.

oh infamous cow. if you have small children i highly suggest buying one of these. our girls jump on this thing like every day they are here. It is literally one of their favorite toys. We may end up buying a second one.

mid jump hair flying and yelling " yeehaw"

our ginger bread house. Thank you lala for making this with them. These things take a ton of patience to make with two kidos. lol

funny girls.

our tree has puked up presents. Seriously we need to start opening them cause we are running out of room this year.

see they have taken to riding together and it makes me a little worried for bumps and bruises.

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