Monday, December 6, 2010

getting it done.. christmas stuff that is.

yes today i finished up my scarves that i made for the kido's in the family and i got all the christmas presents going out to different states mailed out. sheww. it sounds easy but getting everything wrapped in one spot put into boxes and then taking those boxes to teh post office and etc etc etc.. it's not at all one step. So anyway my presents are in the mail. I also got about 90% of my christmas letters ready. We did not do a christmas photo from sears or target or anywhere this year. maybe next year we will get there again. WE are due for a new one soon. So i just included a few on our newsletter that i put in with the christmas cards. I finished shopping for my husband and i got emma's last gift today. i have wrapped a ton of presents already. I don't have any idea how many we have under the tree but i'm begining to think my family is spoiled because we have ran out of room under the tree already and i'm the only one that has put anything under it. oh and there is still a big present for lilly that is in the garage and one bigger one for emma that i have not wrapped yet. sheesss..
We aren't going to do a christmas dinner this year i guess. i think we are going to try to have a christmas breakfast instead. Does anyone ever have a christmas breakfast at their family's house??? if so do you have any good recipes for fun things for breakfast. I"m thinking about making some things i never have really made. like crepes or quiche.. i have never made either one of those but i do like both of them. I rarely ever make omelettes either, but i'd like to be able to make like a quiche or something because i think i could make it the night before?? is this right? will they save okay? anyone have a good recipe for a quiche or something like that? okay it's way entirely too late, so i'm heading to bed now.
good night you all .
oh quick lilly story before i do.. lilly has been naughty a few times like mean to the little doggie or another kido and well i guess i have talked to her and tried to straighten her out like any good momma should. WEll now she has this thing where she comes into my bed at night. I will either tell her to go back to hers and tuck her in or sometimes she will sleep with me still if her daddy is working night shift. So the last three times that she has slept with me i had the tv on and she thinks its play time instead of bedtime so i had to fuss at her and tell her to lay down.. all three times she has responded " mommy! be nice to peoples" lol it makes me giggle because that is what i have been telling her when she is mean to the dog or kid. " lilly you have to be nice to people" . What am i going to do with this little girl? she is too smart and funny for her own good.

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Thank u so much for your sweet comment. Thank you for all you have done for our country and i hope you have a very merry CHRISTMAS... Thank you for your service to our amazing country.