Wednesday, December 8, 2010

yippe kay yeah!! i love free money.

It's true free money is great. Am i right or am i right? Last night my brother and I went to bingo. I love bingo. I took a break from it for a while because i had stopped winning.( when i say stopped winning i mean i hadn't won in like a month) So anyway aaron and I headed out last night and my mom stayed with my kido.( another thing i love is free babysitting) All i can say is that we won a ton of money. it's was upwards of a 1000.00 bucks. ( which is a ton when your not thinking you will win any)
So today i have to go back to walmart. ( yuck) WE have a small list of supplies i need to get. One of those things is weed killer. OUr rocky parts in the yard are growing weeds and that is a no no so I'm planning on pulling weeds and washing our cars today. I might also finish that one last assignment i have in my class. It's not suppose to be over till the 15th but if i just finish this last paper I'll be done. ;-) oh and I have a big fat A. yeah!! This class was on critical thinking and it was a bit too easy. I'm thinking that the next class i take will be more on the nursing side and prove to be more challenging. We will see. My advisor hasn't told me yet which class i need to take next because my credits are still being evaluated.
My hubby allan is off for 4 days. I'm excited about that. Oh and that job that he interviewed for called and said they are very interested in him but they haven't sent an offer yet. Allan says it would have to be a pretty great off for him to consider it. I think he does like where he is. He just wants a day shift job but if he stays there for a while i think he could get one. Right now he is starting a 4 day on then 4 days off then 4 nights on and 4 days off schedule. I think i would like that schedule but I guess he is getting tired of rotating back and forth.
Anyway I got to get to those weeds. It's nine here and i was waiting for it to warm up just a tad. It has been so pretty here lately. I just heard the news guy say its goign to be 77 today and we would be around that all week long. Not bad for december huh?

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