Monday, December 13, 2010

here we go again..

Well i got in contact with the job that offered me a position and asked about part time. They are having troupble finding someone else that wants part time also. So i said i could do the full time until they could find someone that wanted part time also. So then she said great and she would call me right back.. well she called right back and asked if i could come in for a second interview with her the doctor. I'm not sure what to think about that.. a second interview after they already offered me the job?? does that mean they aren't sure if they want to offer me the job? i'm just not sure what to think about that but I'm heading back down there tomorrow for the interview with the doctor. So wish me luck i guess. I'm not that worried yet. I've been praying about it and i guess if i'm suppose to work there then it will all work out and if not then god must just have a better job for me. I did put in a few more resumes for other jobs tonight and so we will see. I keep putting in 5-10 resumes every day hoping someone will want to take the plunge and hire a new grad. Seriously nursing shortage my a@#! apparently arizona hasn't heard anything about this so called nursing shortage because no one seems to want to hire a perfectly good nurse without experience. lol. oh well i guess it will all work out when it's suppose to.
Different news.. we got a bunkbed today for the girls. Lilly loves it and still does not want to sleep in her room. She played in there all day and took good care of her new bed and cleaned up the whole room and put lots of blankets and pillows and animals on it but tonight she still doesn't wan tto sleep in there. I think she will do better when emma comes to stay the night. all the other rooms have a television in them except hers but i think we found one on craigslist for like 30 bucks so she may get one in there and i bet a good movie on in her room will also help her get comfy in there. She loves her and emma's room but just hates being alone in there i think. She would much rather sleep with me or her grandma LALA. Anyway I'm headed to bed. Hope everyone had a good monday.

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