Friday, June 20, 2008

Emma leaves today..

Today Emma's mama is coming to get her. Jenn decided to be brave and drive from phoenix to casper so she thinks they will get here sometime between 6 and 7 pm. Emma is so excited to see her mom. Except, she over heard me and allan talking about her having to get some shots when she goes home so that she can go to school. Well she started whining and saying she didn't want to get shots. So instead of just telling her she didn't have to or she heard wrong.. I tried explaining to her. DUMB-Dumb... Yeah. I told her that all kids have to get at least one shot to get to go to school. I told her that they don't want kids to get sick and give it to one another that's why she needs one. She started crying. I told her not to worry that her mommy would be taking her and that it wasn't for a real long time. AFter her mommy came and got her and took her home.. She has completly forgotten about it till now. Yep now that her mom is on the way up here she is very excited to see her mom but the very next sentene everytime is i don't want to go get a shot though. poor thing. sorry jenn.

So I'm in a very good mood cause finally lilly slept from 830 pm till 8 this morning. well i heard her at 430am so i got up and gave her a little bit of bottle which was empty this morning so i'm guessing she sucked it down and went right back to sleep. ;-) I finally got some good sleep. Thank goodness! However, lilly woke up in a good mood and is still pretty happy but she is still snotty and now her eye looks like it had some drainage last night too. she's happy she just can't breathe real good.
more later

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