Friday, June 6, 2008

HAHAHA I feel like i could conquer the world!

Yes that's right ladies.. I feel as if i conquered the world. haha. I mowed our yard. Don't laugh. I have never mowed in my life. Growing up that was a job that only the boys did so i have never done it. Once i was in my own place i lived in apartments and they had people that mowed the grass. It wasn't until we moved into our first house that i even really thought about it. Allan has always done it but i got inspired today cause i was driving thru town and there was an elderly lady mowing her lwan so i figured it couldn't be that hard. I decided to jump right in there. Allan has been really busy at work and it has been raining so much when he is home that he hasn't had a chance to mow and it was looking like a jungle. I only did our front yard and i can say it was quite a work out. Maybe cause it was high enough you needed a hatchet to get to the front door. lol Or maybe caus ei had to run in every few minutes to make sure both girls were still sleeping. Boy Emma just fights naps but she gets so tired. Once she figures she can't win she will fall asleep pretty easy and stays out for an hour or two at least. I took the girls over to my friend Lynn's house today and we loaded up her two boys and all went to the park. It was alot of fun. It was so windy out today so we flew kites. The kids of course got there's tangled up all three kites but it was fun for the first 5 minutes watching emma run with hers. She got two presents in the mail today. Thank you all. One was from Grandma Lou and the other from Grandma LaLa ( that's my mom). Emma loved the doll Lou sent and wanted to leave everything else in the back pack so that she could take it home with her. haha. My mom sent movies and sunglasses that are gold. So emma rocked those today like a movie star. I didn't have the camera with me to take any pictures of that or the kite flying but tomorrow we are going to glenrock to do all the fun kid stuff so we will take more pics there.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Emma in her sunglasses! She loves sunglasses! She is such a rockstar LOL