Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday already...

Well it just doesn't feel like it could possibly be monday already. I'ts 3 am and i'm up again with lilly. I think she has been having belly aches again. I'm not really sure but allan said she didn't go to bed till like almost 10 last night and here she is up at 3 still.
Allan got called in this weekend. We were going to go to glenrock but right before we left town on sat he got called in and had to go to montana. He didn't get back till yesterday at about 3pm. It's nice that he is getting so much overtime but a little frustrating also cause i'm getting overtime with the kido's and he really needs to spend time with emma before she leaves. They played in the yard for a while yesterday and he took her to the park just the two of them to fly kites for a while before supper. He is going to talk to his boss and tell him that he can't do calls this weekend cause it's her last real weekend here. Her mom picks her up sometime the next weekend. Besides it's Father's day weekend and besides that he has put in almost 70 hours this last week. He was gone mon-wed and got like 19 hours of overtime then working down in utah and then when he left sat he got even more hours for that day.
Oh on a different note i seem to be making friends whereever i go.. lol. I went to a christmas luncheon for the women in liz's church a while back. Well, I also took this class a few semester's ago at the college. There was a girl in my class that i really liked we talked aquite a bit in class and i have ran into her only once since then. Anyway i ran into her at the kung fu panda movie and she said " i can't believe i'm running into you again!" I was just talking about you with my sister in law and she knows you. I had now idea who her sister in law was. lol Well turns out she was the girl i sat across from at the table at that christmas luncheon. She was pregnant and so was i and we had a great time chatting it up. Her name is racheal miller. I really liked her and apparently she remembered me too. So the girl from my class got my number to give to her cause she thought racheal would really like to hang out with me especially since she is getting ready to have a little baby boy . I think when you have new kids for the first time you need some new friends that have new babies also. lol.. okay anyway enough on my chance encounters. It was just nice to know that people do like me for me and that i'm memorable even after only one meeting.. hehe ;-)

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