Monday, June 23, 2008


Well yesterday we didn't do too much. I have no idea how we made it thru the whole winter without a cold and then we got one on the first day of summer. lol. Lilly is still snotty. She is sleeping better. Last night she didn't sleep to good but it was my own fault. I let her sleep in bed with me cause allan wasn't home and at 330 buddah started being a reject. He had to go out or something. So i let him out but i started sneezing up a storm. I woke lilly up and she was ready to play cause she had already had 5 hours of sleep. boo. She went back to sleep at 530 and we slept till 8. She is about to go to sleep again right now. ;-)
Yesterday i was bored and went to the mall. I called friends but they were all busy with fiances or kids and husbands so.. Off i went to the mall with lilly. Lilly isn't very good at talking me out of buying stuff. I loaded her stroller up with all kinds of clothes. JCpenny's is having a storewide sale. Everything was just about 60% off. I bought allan two pairs of shorts and a pair of union bay jeans. I bought myself 2 pairs of jeans from maurices in the mall and i went to target and got odd and ends and got a pair of shorts from american eagle too. I only spent 130.00 bucks. Which is alot but when you think about it.. I got 3 pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of shorts plus stuff from target so i think i actually got a pretty good deals considering these days you could spend a humdred on a pair of jeans. Makes me sick .. lol. Allan is picky about clothes so we will see if any of these things are a winner. If not i kept the receipts and we will just have to go to the mall again.
Allan is still in Montana. I think that he is coming back today but i couldn't get him on the phone yet so I really don't know. So he had two full day's of over time again this pay period and the week is just starting. Yikes. I'm hoping he has the 4th off. We won't really know until it is closer to the time but i'm hoping he is off. The last 2 4th's i had emma and we went and saw the fireworks by ourselves. Well actually last year we were in Wheatland with Allan's mom and dad. I'm hoping i don't have to watch them with just lilly. I mean i have friends that are all going up to the event center to watch them there and they have lots of booths set up there for all kinds of stuff but i want someone to snuggle up to while i'm watching them .. hehe. ;-)
Anyway, I'm headed over to lynn's house for a bit today. I think i'm going to talk to her about watching lilly when school starts. I looked up stuff for the college childcare and it seems fine but I'm just not sure which way to go yet so i need to ask her a few questions to just make sure..
More later

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