Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Madness.

Well i put a few new pictures up on the photosite. Emma had a busy day today. It was another "best day ever!" day. lol.. We started out going to the park with jackson and joey and then we went to mcdonalds for another kung fu panda toy. She also got an icecream there so that made her happy and then we went to once upon a child and they all played in the play area while we mom's shopped. I found really cute dresses for her and lilly to get some pictures in so i have to schedule a time with sears hopefully. Then we came home and weeded my garden and played on the new toy she got. It was one of those toys you sit on and turn with your hands and it spins you. I'm sure alot of you had them as kids. i did. Then we did the sprinkler and when allan got home we went out for pizza at pizza hut. So all in all she had a very busy active day and so did I. I'm a sleepy girl. Allan got invited out for a poker night at jason and muffy's house. So i told him to go cause he needs time off too. Everynight he has here at home he has hung out with us or watched the girls so i could get stuff done or go to bingo so i figured it was his turn. They are only playing one game for 20 bucks so it shouldn't last long. He has a long day of work tomorrow in wamsutter. YUCK! Our classes have started. I'm scared to start. I can't really afford not to get started though. Emma is here for 2 more weeks and they are only 8 week classes so i just have to dive in there. It's rough though cause allan has classes too and we really want to spend this coming weekend doing fun stuff with Emma cause it's her last one here. I think we might do a bar-b-que with our friends or.. not really sure. I didn't take her to the science zone today so i might do that with her tomorrow. Not sure yet.

anyway more later.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure Emma is sleeping good tonight LOL The pictures are too cute! She looks bigger LOL I will call tomorrow when I go to lunch. I got stuck at work late tonight. I have been working tons while she is gone.