Thursday, June 12, 2008

Emma did a little rain dance.

Emma decided to do a little rain dance with my new umbrella. It was only sprinkling when i took the pictures but it poured a little later and she was back out there in it. She was very cute out there dancing a jig all over the yard. I got some homework done today and started some more laundry and finsihed the dishes and went to walmart. wheeww no wonder i'm tired. I didn't think i did much until i started writing it down. HaHA. Allan's about ot come home and we are going out for mongolian noodles. Every since Emma saw kung Fu panda she has wanted some noodles and she wants to use chop stix. lol I'm going to indulge her tonight. We went once already me and her but she didn't know that they had chop stix until it was time to go. allan really loves mongolian so we are all going out tonight. First to the mall for a haircut for allan and then to the noodle store. lol.. I was suprised that she would even it them at all. She liked it just not the baby corn that i put in her bowl. oopss. Her's was pretty plain noodles sauce and some chicken. I could probably of given her ramen noodles and she would have been fine with it. haha
anyway I'm off to get ready. Allan should be home any minute. See ya later gator's. Oh i added new music..

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Anonymous said...

wow mongolian noodles I am impressed!! She had to be too cute using chopsticks! Speaking of haircuts I had been thinking about getting Emmas hair cut for a while so I was wondering if you guys want to take her..I think it would be super cute cut in a bob with her bangs :)